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Currently a training project manager, much of my career has been spent working within the National Health Service either as a 'mental handicap' nurse (many years ago) as it was known or in the non-nursing sector as p.a. / project assistant and non-clinical trainer. More recently I moved over to the third sector to project manage and deliver a community training programme. This is where I discovered a penchant for problem solving 'people issues' and successfully managed to move forward 'stuck' projects or indeed to identify to the business that the project should not be taken forward. I've successfully addressed behavioural issues within and between teams here too. (Very satisfying to bring peace out of the storm.) My management style is 'laid back' however other people do not see the same as I, finding me assertive and direct. I enjoy operational contributions(assessment, development, audit), including the paperwork side (strange, I know) but also enjoy being able to contribute at a strategic level - previously for the human resource element (Equality, Conflict, Personal Security) but then that's where my knowlege and passion resides. Where am I now? My post is redundant and I am adding yet another 'short term' role onto my C.V. It's very strange - I fluently give advice and support to others on preparing for work, including C.V's but feel semi-paralysed when I sit staring at my own. There - I'm being too verbose again - thanks for taking the time to read this. :-)


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