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  • "I think the world was full of hatred before that - well documented by Germaine Greer, and clearly demonstrated in the history books. Alas, all around " on FILM: the most horrible feminist shite I ever saw
  • "I haven't seen the film, so I can't comment on that. However, to equate feminism with man hating is plain old fashioned lazy thinking - just as bad" on FILM: the most horrible feminist shite I ever saw
  • "I think it depends on each individual case. With some of my facebook friends - even those I have met - the friendship is more superficial, and exi" on Commentary on Touch
  • "Hmmm.... I think it is sometimes possible to have a friendship that is not so equal - for example, between a teacher and a pupil. However, the nat" on 5.3.6 Friendship and Equality
  • "Perhaps it is isn't only friendship that works in this way? If there is a void, surely it is in us? And thus it is probably impossible to fill it " on 5.3.3 Friendship: the Content and the Void
  • "Reading Touch 4 - and thinking about empathy. How much do we ever really understand each other? Thinking back again to the LSD experiences, there " on Commentary on Touch
  • "Struggling to find my way around a bit - trying to find the beginning of touch but the links all seem to take me to Touch 14..." on Feedback on this site
  • "Well, I have soemwhere written down the strange experience I had at the moment my Dad died - him in Rochdale Asda and me in a park in Liverpool. I" on Remote co-sentience; can we read each other’s minds?
  • "I'm just back from my T'ai Chi class, and in the past three years it's made a huge difference to me. I used to be very much the kind of person who liv" on Mind your Mind
  • "This idea about the boundaries fascinates me. Years ago when experimenting with LSD,I felt the boundaries between me and the other people sharing " on Commentary on Touch


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