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  • "Yes, I've noted before you are concerned about people's egos :) Mine is actually quite massive, I can barely get through the door with it ;) ha ha" on Originality Quiz
  • "I love quizzes, and this one is very interesting. Q1: do you have the daily experience of experiencing your own thoughts as unique and original? " on Originality Quiz
  • "It's very easy to get caught up in the mess that is every day life and loose sight of what is really important but we all do it. Sorry for your los" on I never knew how precious time would become
  • "I'm bizzared out, last night heard Sivash on Big Brother say exactly the same as I said about taxing everyone globally to sort out the problem with po" on Money money money
  • "I think facing reality and being honest is vital in any relationship, and relationships without this are almost certainly doomed to failure at some po" on Commentary on what love may be
  • "" When I use the word “relationship” in that thread I am giving it an entirely negative meaning, to suggest the horrible compromises that couples make" on Commentary on what love may be
  • "I would have thought that love is different things to different people. Typically I believe it's when one persons psychological needs are mostly (" on Commentary on what love may be
  • "I think it's entirely fiscally possible for everyone to have food, shelter, and health care. I actually rather militantly think that all the govern" on Money money money
  • "I'm not quite sure about why the use of lots of buzz words and metaphors is all about, but rather than 'unleashing huge improvements' by making improv" on Money money money


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