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Stan Wright

Joined on: June 18th, 2009

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  • "Hi Cora I am constantly amazed at how what appears to be the smallest of matters can breakdown and destroy friendships that have lasted for many ye" on 1.7 Diderot and his soul mates
  • "Perhaps Diderot wasn’t so much a coward as a realist; his confession as far as I am aware would only have an influence on what happened to him and not" on 5.1 Diderot’s confession
  • "In my view its down to how the book is presented that is key. If the translation is portrayed as a verbatim translation then it should be just that wi" on 7.1 About the moral of translations
  • "What a great film; even with that tool Crowe in it, I don’t know what it is about Russell Crowe every time I see him I want to give him a good slappin" on Film: Body of Lies
  • "My middle son Marcus’s fiancé came out with a brilliant new word for him the other day “sneakative” what a great word. Stan" on Knock yourself out
  • "Vincent The brain is that grey thing that Dr Hannibal Lecter took such a liking to slightly sautéed; which normally resides in the head. With regar" on Remote co-sentience; can we read each other’s minds?
  • "Perhaps I’m different in some way to everybody else, but I’m just as bad at picking up wireless transmissions without a receiver as I am at picking up" on Remote co-sentience; can we read each other’s minds?
  • "I really would like to believe these occurrences happen and can certainly empathise with the dog, but every time I am just about to allow my guard dow" on Remote co-sentience; can we read each other’s minds?
  • "Why don’t the needy around the world get help? Apathy My view is that most people in the back of their minds want to help, but just won’t move that" on Money money money


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