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Saturday, 27. June 2009

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The Cult of Me (post 1 of several)

Saturday, 27. June 2009

(These are notes towards a possible book, originally written in 1989; at first the content may feel a little obvious because the world has caught up with these ideas but the thesis will build week by week…)


Perhaps we all share one lifestyle, in that we seek “pleasure” and avoid “pain”. We pursue what we believe will bring us “happiness” and avoid what we think will make us sad. Obviously issue number one is interpretation, which is why the key words are in quotation marks, and if that interpretation is “wrong”, then what happens to my perfectly planned life… Same thing that happened to all our lives, I suppose.

Please try out the concept of harmony alongside your gratification menus, perhaps to ask how much your interpretations conform to any kind of tangible “reality”. Think of how uncomfortably a life can sit with its own reality, out of harmony with the processes of healthy living, adrift from the intrinsic moral obligations that intelligence imposes, separated from any healthy psyche, sick in mind or flesh… That’s most of us, to some extent, for most of our tainted journey through life.

Instead of harmony, what do we have to fuel our living? Let’s try plans and dreams, hopes and schemes; let’s try theories and cynicism about theories; let’s try “concrete goals” that may turn to dust the moment they are “achieved”… Let’s accept tokens of life in lieu of any kind of harmony with life itself.

One irony in all this is that most people are neither congruent not consistent in the second life they generate to subsist in. All day long by habit they vie for attention and consume what others are starving for – yet, if asked, they will talk about love and friendship, goodness and reputation, almost as if these things are currencies, which is how we treat them, by hoarding the space of everything that is great about being popular, liked and admired – the wonderful things people compete for rather than share.

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