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Friday, 15. March 2013

For every conversation, we each have a different purpose. In all there is usually an element of: debate, display, control, aggression, submission, desire, dishonesty, conflict, the desire to triumph or destabilise, and so on… Rarely do the real treasures of our humanity enter ins small doses: compassion, fascination, cooperation, love, empathy, exploration, forgiveness, and so on. So whatever anyone says that tries to restrict the definition of a debate, conversation, small-talk, bullying, whatever… is generally neither accurate nor helpful. And not until you see the richness/complexity of human interaction, even the most boring, is your opinion or account of your feelings of any weight. Some people speak in a restricted code and are tuned to only a couple of channels; some people use subtle and elaborate codes and pick up experience on many wavelengths. The problem with disembodied internet contact is that it isn’t always obvious what kind of entity you are dealing with, not until you can provoke them to reveal their true colours, which is what I try to do. People who just “like” everything and count their “contacts” are obviously a very limited type of life-form and likely to get vicious if pushed.

Burning brightly little stars

Tuesday, 28. July 2009

(Copied from my post on Ecademy – this was a set of statements and questions to them, not to you; please comment – I think it’s a serious insight.)

I’m being burned by the brilliance of so many brightly perfect radiating stars. That’s what online networking has done: it has polished, sharpened, brightened and rendered more abrasive what used to be called the “personality” so that now one seems to be locked into a dream-world with entities who are more than human, more than brands even – so clever, so organised, so wise, so “solutions driven”, so planned, so witty, so neat looking – that it hurts to be around them.

That’s what has happened in the last 3-4 years. We are changing what it means to be a person as we transmit our carefully fashioned words and images across cyberspace and have them picked up, redoubled, dumped on the screens of imaginary “contacts” who are all doing the same thing. Can you remember a time when your ego didn’t have the tools to feed a vast imaginary audience, when a few jokes and and a slight nervous tick was all you had in social situations, before you became a superhero…

Such a contrast when you actually meet people in “real life”.

Originality Quiz

Sunday, 28. June 2009

Q1: do you have the daily experience of experiencing your own thoughts as unique and original? Y?/N?/DK

IF YES: what external evidence is there of this feeling?

IF NO: why not?

IF DK: award yourself one honesty point

Q2: is it essential to be unique and original? Y?/N?/DK

IF YES: what external evidence is there for this opinion?

IF NO: why not?

IF DK: award yourself one honesty point

Q3: how much grief do you get from pretending to be unique and original? lots?/none?/DK

IF LOTS: could you give it a break and just be you for a while?

IF NONE: what damage does your performance do to other people, then?

IF DK: award one honesty point

Q4: are you honest about things like this? Y?/N?/DK

IF Y: deduct all honesty points and take a cold shower

IF N: accept 3 honesty points

IF DK: please take a break from acting the innocent

Ludicrous but not really true

Saturday, 20. June 2009

1. The Deer Botfly - listed in every book including the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest creature on earth but it wasn’t…

The stuff we are led to believe, honestly. Next thing you know we’ll be believing that parliamentary democracy exists to enfranchise the poor or that the stock markets are a way of investing in enterprise…

Whereas in fact democracy was devised to protect the rights of the third tier of parasites against rapacious royalty and nobles – and the stock markets have become a giant online game whereby a new kind of parasite gambles away our common wealth to enrich themselves.

When I post stuff like this on other forums I get a whole slurry of Brown Stain Networkers telling me to grow up but at last I’m free to say it.


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