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Sunday, 27. October 2013

A good bloke died today

Sunday, 27. October 2013

The wonderful world out there…

Friday, 15. March 2013

For every conversation, we each have a different purpose. In all there is usually an element of: debate, display, control, aggression, submission, desire, dishonesty, conflict, the desire to triumph or destabilise, and so on… Rarely do the real treasures of our humanity enter ins small doses: compassion, fascination, cooperation, love, empathy, exploration, forgiveness, and so on. So whatever anyone says that tries to restrict the definition of a debate, conversation, small-talk, bullying, whatever… is generally neither accurate nor helpful. And not until you see the richness/complexity of human interaction, even the most boring, is your opinion or account of your feelings of any weight. Some people speak in a restricted code and are tuned to only a couple of channels; some people use subtle and elaborate codes and pick up experience on many wavelengths. The problem with disembodied internet contact is that it isn’t always obvious what kind of entity you are dealing with, not until you can provoke them to reveal their true colours, which is what I try to do. People who just “like” everything and count their “contacts” are obviously a very limited type of life-form and likely to get vicious if pushed.

How do you find out about a person and death to all coaches…

Wednesday, 30. January 2013

How do you find out about a person?
Hands up all those who would say “Ask?”
I beg to differ. I think we have no right whatsoever to interrogate each other and expect answers, not to satisfy our curiosity and not even if we are pretending interest to get ourselves noticed. In fact if someone asks me a question I make it clear to them that they have overstepped a boundary and need my permission to get personal. Likewise, if someone is sitting in my living room and I am curious about them, I first ask if they would like to talk about whatever it is.
This may seem like a very high level of ethics to some but actually it’s the only thing that truly works. You cannot find stuff out by demanding answers. You find stuff out, if that really is your intention, by observing and noticing what you observe and looking for the spaces between the image and the reality. If there are very few space you have located an interesting person.
Some people pose questions in their “blogs” as if they were interested in our opinions when actually all they are trying to do is get noticed, get liked and make us respect them. If I ask a daft question in a “blog” I want you to know that I am joking, provoking and being satirical. Heaven forbid I should ever speak or write any words for any baser motive than the desire to communicate, illuminate, share experiences and learn about others.
Anything else is a tawdry insult and I will continue to hunt down such things when energy permits and throw them back in the faces of the idle manipulators who think they make clever personal branding for themselves.
If you wish to find out about things, that is different. You are asking for knowledge to be given to you and that is a totally different matter.
When “The Nice” dislike something I have said they usually reveal their true selves by coming back at me with a paternalistic/maternalistic question such as “Did you have a hard childhood, Steve?” Or some such crap. That’s when I go ballistic.
No one, no one on earth, has the right to use interrogation of any kind, even disguised as well-meaning understanding, to manipulate me or anyone else. If you are not intelligent and empathetic and insightful enough to learn by noticing then I’m afraid you will be stuck in ignorance for the rest of your life; if you want to ask me fake question to put me in my place I’m afraid you will fail every time.
Decent people feel affinity with what is true, even if they dislike kit. If they disagree they say so without resorting to sneaky attacks, most of which come as questions because that is the basic tool of the greatest menace of our time, to whit: coaches. Who abuse everyone they pretend to help with their reality-defining questions.
People rarely ask because they actually want to know. Their minds are already made up and they already know better than you. They ask because if they make you stand at attention to answer their questions they have dominated and manipulated you. Simple as that.
Death to all coaching whatsoever. And there’s no real money in it, so why the hell are they all doing it?

Forget Freud; here comes the real thing…

Thursday, 24. January 2013

This book is transforming the way Cora and I think about “personality”. Forget Freud, he’s just the start…


This volume is a superb introduction to the richness and originality of Abraham and Torok’s approach to psychoanalysis and their psychoanalytic approach to literature. Abraham and Torok advocate a form of psychoanalysis that insists on the particularity of any individual’s life story, the specificity of texts, and the singularity of historical situations. In what is both a critique and an extension of Freud, they develop interpretive strategies with powerful implications for clinicians, literary theorists, feminists, philosophers, and all others interested in the uses and limits of psychoanalysis.
Central to their approach is a general theory of psychic concealment, a poetics of hiding. Whether in a clinical setting or a literary text, they search out the unspeakable secret as a symptom of devastating trauma revealed only in linguistic or behavioral encodings. Their view of trauma provides the linchpin for new psychic and linguistic structures such as the “transgenerational phantom” an undisclosed family secret handed down to an unwitting descendant, and the intra-psychic secret or “crypt” which entombs an unspeakable but consummated desire. Throughout, Abraham and Torok seek to restore communication with those intimate recesses of the mind which are, for one reason or another, denied expression. Classics of French theory and practice, the essays in volume one include four previously uncollected works by Maria Torok. Nicholas Rand supplies a substantial introductory essay and commentary throughout. Abraham and Torok’s theories of fractured meaning and their search for coherence in the face of discontinuity and disruption have the potential to reshape not only psychoanalysis but all disciplines concerned with issues of textual, oral, or visual interpretation.

The sick and the fit… totally different species.

Wednesday, 23. January 2013

Sick people want their lives back; fit people need an escape from the burdens of life.

My farewell to Ecademy…

Tuesday, 4. December 2012

What say you, the kick-butt elite when you make these continual, dreary, childish sounds…Baa, baa, baa, beaear, ba…. Are you seeking to build your influence and reputation? What, by posting your finely polished turds of wisdom on a platform for clowns? You must be joking. Are you looking for loads of lovely random friends and contacts who might put you in touch with actual money-making propositions? Ha,bloody ha. Watch out you don’t lose out while you’re wasting your time, like you lost out when you bought your meaningless Blackstar. Looking for a mate, maybe?Newsflash: the pictures are all doctored from 20 years ago. So what having you actually been doing all this time?

It’s impossible to discuss anything because a) the place is full of nitwits, b) some moron will distract the thread with a pathetic display of, erm, humour and c) whenever something interesting starts up between people with some idea of what is going on a whole lot of ignorant newbies and returners and silly girls of both sexes chime in with their distracting nonsense. Oh, and the moment it gets true in any way you will be warned, chided, threatened and patronised by the Nice Police.

You are addicted, to, sorry, absolutely nothing at all. Ecademy was a dream that we kept going and we were conned. Lyndon was conned into thinking it is a viable business networking platform when actually it is nothing but a load of idle chatter and daft argumentation, people showing off and pretending to be experts…

Wot none of you seem to get is that Lyndon now owns what was Ecademy and has made it crystal clear that he knows best and he will do what he damn well likes with it. Your opinions count for nothing whatsoever. He needs to get back the money he invested and he thinks a few renaming tricks will do it, which is a might optimistic when people who have invested time in LinkedIn hoping it’s the next big thing are realising it leads to, you know, NO MONEY. There is no cheese in networking, folks, not unless you went to Eton or Yale and do it in private.

The corollary of this that makes you so unhappy is that, having spent years contributing content and being addicted to what you regard as your virtual home, it can be taken away and messed about after all.

I always said that Ecademy was nothing more than its content, that the business side is lame, facile, amateurish and laughable. And I was always right, which is why I was always attacked by the true believers, silly little people who think they’re in charge or thought-leaders or really really professional. They say I have no manners and that I am toxic and then they get patronising… What pleasure it will bring me to watch all such people topple uselessly over the cliff at the end of this futile road… Because Lyndon won’t need you. Thomas didn’t respect you. Nobody even likes you, no matter how stellar you think you are…

Alas, everybody, your home has been bought up by a speculator and the magician who was scamming you has walked away happy. There is no chance whatsoever of something with a daft oriental name competing with LinkedIn. It is too late. Ecademy should have remained a silly club for idiotic addicts, nitwits, blue meanies and bigged up zealots…

I have been the very soul of Ecademy and no I have lost patience with the same old stupid junk each day…

This is reality and you lot are…

Stuff you haven’t realised about sex

Sunday, 18. November 2012

Stuff you haven’t realised about sex

No arena of human behaviour is as wilfully understood as the arena of “relationships”. In animals this is known as mating and all higher animals have two sexes that mate, some bonding for years and some barely knowing each other. That sorry excuse for all our mistakes and connivances, “love”, is a human invention of recent pedigree and the ideal of romantic love within one committed pair derives mainly from the era and influence of the Christian religion, which attempts at all turns to usurp the concept and make it sexless. Sex is the supposedly neutral word devised and cunningly employed by those seeking to escape such shackles, some of whom have relatively benign motives, some of whom are exploiters who have whipped up the physical passions of others in order to profit mightily.

There, you see: not one fixed or pristine item on the entire menu! There are excellent reasons for this, briefly:

1)     Mating is a biological urge that in species resembling humans in any way is inexorably linked to tribal living and hierarchical dominance within a finite group. The Alpha Male mates with the most desirable female who becomes the Alpha Female in her own right. Lesser males, in the case of ape species genetically closest to us, never give up jostling for power and the right of access to females perceived as desirable. Sex, therefore, is territorial and about ownership of rights over others, at least at the biological level.

2)     In an animal that can think, reason, dream and imagine the striving for dominance is bound to become something of an obsession. The lesser male members of the hierarchy are condemned to plan and fantasise about raising their standing and increasing their own rights, including the right to the more attractive females. The females are condemned to vie with each other for mating rights with the strongest and most desirable males.

3)     As such a creature evolves and develops language, vastly increasing its conceptual range, as leisure becomes more available because life ceases to be a brutal struggle for survival, then the power of storytelling, daydreaming, imagining and fantasising grows in a spectacular way, embracing also erotic desires and even twisted images of an erotic nature, driven by sexual status. Simple power for the wolf pack becomes in human hands domination and submission fantasies ranging from the relatively harmless to the hideously cruel.

4)     Human children have unbounded capacity for imaginative play. It is foolish to suppose that this is entirely lost as they “mature” and we only have to look at the sexual play of adults to see that it does not. Once more, this play may be benign, as in something like tantric sex, or may begin to cross borderlines into cruel power games of control and helplessness and, where the participants are not especially self-aware, it will be laden with primitive urges related to control, dominance and the freedom that comes from the basically female posture of complete submission to a greater, protective, power who is a someone in in the hierarchy.

Men and women alike do all of these things in a bewildering array of different “character arcs”, as do gay people. The variety of possible fetishes is as infinite as it is not significant because they all follow these simple rules, listed above. Generally speaking, since sex-specific hormones are also mind-altering drugs, male creatures are inclined to have a greater quantity of the drives created by the most brutal of these drivers, testosterone. Whether the feminists like it or not this is true and it means that there is no precise equality of desire or the style of driven-ness in imagination. Young men, those with most testosterone, are absolutely driven in an almost pure way at first. Women are not aware of the urgency that men feel in this regard, so tremendous that it will occur during sleep if not satisfied while awake. As men age, their physical “powers” wane and the fantasy element increases. Even young women come a long way behind young men in the urgency of their desires and it is a rare female that ever catches up with even older men. At a certain age most women pour their interest and affections into non-erotic relationships with their children or into proving that they compete with men in the world at large, or both, or the one that does not make them contented…

There is barely any pornography for female consumption, whereas pornography consumed by all men at all times ranges from hideous to harmless displays of young female beauty such as they have always longed to possess (have rights of access to) and rarely been so lucky. Viewing women while masturbating and dreaming about congress with them is about permission to know such women, nothing more. It does not mean a slippery slope to torture and murder. It can never be prevented. Those who advocate an end to prostitution and exploitative sex/pornography need to start by understanding this simple distinction, but they never do, alas.

There are two basic scenarios that cause real and absolutely tragedy over the long term. They both derive from being unconscious of the facts in this essay and in particular the way that primitive hierarchical urges can insinuate their way into our modern so-called relationships, the vile negotiations we endure in place of joy and mutual celebration, the disastrous personal narratives that scar our lives and those of our children and all of the betrayed…

The female version runs roughly thus: contrive to be completely unaware of the suffering of innocent young men who desperately need to learn about and touch you but instead fall helplessly in love with the leader of the pack, an exploitative bastard who barely cares for you and will humiliate you at every turn. Suck his cock frequently in the hope of landing a winner, even better if he is handsome, wealthy, powerful, charismatic or slightly wise. Trust and set up home with whichever desirable male pushes the right buttons at the right time, relying on your “love” to carry you through the rest of life.

As sexual allure fades and work and parenthood, perhaps poverty and disappointment, perhaps success and disillusionment, and pressures of time… as these things inevitably destroy the joyous, simple sex you could have had, then either you give up sex, become unwilling, resigned, exhausted, resentful and anorgasmic, or begin with the fluffy handcuffs and escalate through the book of domination-submission fantasies, move openly or covertly towards “open” relationships, affairs and stuff that destroys not just love, desire, trust and decency but is about to dreadfully impact the children and the partner who is abandoned. At this point one sanctimoniously talks about people needing to “first love themselves” and “take responsibility for their own lives”, meaning you wash your hands of them and all your former promises.

Often, usually, it is the middle-aged woman who now suffers the most, though sometimes she will be relieved to be rid of the tyrant who has been bullying her, patronising her, possibly terrifying her. Actually she married the wrong guy to begin with. And she ignored the good guy because he wasn’t glaringly attractive/socially desirable/wealthy enough.

The male tragedy runs like this: lose out completely in the teenage struggle for popularity, respect, power, sportiness, charisma, attractiveness and conquest of females. A vast number of pleasant men who would be so grateful for a relationship that they wouldn’t know how to stamp on the women’s feelings simply cannot succeed in achieving life’s most basic and primitive urge. Either they get the least attractive women, way down the hierarchy, or they settle for women who desire to dominate more than anything else (a surprisingly large group of verbal and emotional bullies), or they decide they are gay after all, or they end up mostly alone, masturbating. End of story, really. In middle age they may be lucky enough to get the cast- off beauties past their prime and look after another man’s children while having his dick in their face every time he comes to visit. In any case they will not know the incredible, passionate, primeval joy of being leader of the pack. Anything they achieve will be resentful and not really appreciated.

Such is life: no way out except with bitterness, unless… Unless you know all of these things, can find them in yourself, can live with those discoveries, can chose to hold at bay the most destructive urges and promote the greatest good, and then keep your fucking agreements…

The alternative,turning your sad life into psychodrama, is a huge mistake. The tragedy you have suffered is mostly there as a result of ignorance, which we all share. There is no blame and there is no “healing”. You didn’t do it to yourself and he didn’t do it to you. The personalities involved are a fiction.
If you could make your children aware of these greater truths you could save them buckets of heartbreak because as sure as eggs is eggs they will fall into the same egocentric errors that we all do, insisting that people have been bad to us and that our personalities were somehow damaged.
Actually, we were just ignorant, stupid, egotistical and incautious.

Projection and how The Entity misuses it

Tuesday, 23. October 2012

The psychological concept of projection, as we are all well aware, is the theory that as a defence mechanism the ego will throw up accusations against the world and others which are in fact attributes of its own state of being. So, for example, someone who is a bully will call me a bully. Someone who feels superior will say I act superior. This concept originated in a primitive form with Freud but has become a commonplace of coaching ideology in recent times.

As you probably don’t realise, coaching ideology is a way of manipulating a “client” (patient/victim/friend) by locating their supposed “problems” and then narrowing down their intellectual and emotional choices to the point where they are forced to generate positive objectives. This doesn’t help the client but with luck it will earn money for the coach/mentor/therapist/leader/teambuilder who has mastered any type of similar methodology from constellations to the borderline of psychotherapy. In most cases this protagonist believes in their own coaching methodology, believes that they are helping people, gets a kick out of the positive buzz of being a saviour and a know-all and thoroughly relishes the feeling of being wise (or superior if you like).

Alas there are embedded among us a huge number of such people these days, sporting all kinds of subtle flavours in methodology from coloured light therapy, through physical therapies to CBT and even hypnotherapy-based methodologies. These techniques are also used in sales, MLM, team building, business gee-up sessions, training courses, etc. In fact they are so ubiquitous that we have all unconsciously adopted such ideologies and the language that goes with them. Indeed people use this pschobabble every day to have a go at me when I never give up on my critique of human perfidy and stupidity.

I can see it coming, of course, so it doesn’t even touch me emotionally, but many people would shrivel up when kick-butt experts start undermining them in subtle ad hominem attacks. Many people would get angry if people called them bullies or accused them of acting superior.

I never call anyone a bully, nor do I ever try to belittle them with coaching-based advice, nor do I ever start moaning that someone is acting superior to me and being oh so horrible. Never.

I just keep churning out the irony and any intelligent reader can see at once is that when I proclaim “my genius” it is a satire upon the arrogance of the kick-butt entrepreneurs who behave with effortless entitlement all day long, trotting out their half-baked mix of crude economics, fantasy positive thinking and manipulative coaching terminology. Some of them also claim to be either wise and caring, saintly even, or very precise, knowledgeable, rational and thus never in the wrong. Some of them claim the clean hands of the perfect liberal with no impure thoughts or prejudices. They usually know all the answers, obviously and can’t resist joining threads that ask for wise advice.

Obviously it is all a sham, a mad and dangerous cesspit of deception that spoils any chance of people either being genuine or relating in a genuine way. It’s a whole raft of social madness that cannot be cured and is made worse by the cancers within social networking.

Just thought you should know. And next time someone says I’m a bully or superior or projecting or whatever you will understand what they are doing. Forgive them, please because they do not know.

I for my part believe the space of existence should be shared equally by everyone in the room, on the network and on the planet. This is hardly elitism. I talk to tramps in the street and patiently try to unravel the needs of garrulous old ladies on the verge of mania. Clearly I am inferior to Shakespeare, Galileo, Bob Dylan and countless others who have achieved great things.

I am, however superior to that which I am superior to in the respect that I am superior to that thing. No one is better than I at pointing out that the emperor’s new clothes are a sham..

I believe that we should all start being real about who we are. I know my faults. I am lazy, judgemental, critical, grotesquely committed to my physical survival and terrified of another cancer. I can’t be bothered with logic and facts and I don’t waste any time on pompous assholes, even though they do deserve a chance…
I also know my good points, which you don’t because you are blinded by what in me annoys you and challenges your world.

If you ever get to know yourself really well you will understand all this and give up trying to pretend you are sufficient unto whatever life throws at you, equipped for any situation, powerful enough to implement innovations and solutions and wise enough to help people change. All that is illusion and everything will be swept away by either your first heart attack or the moment the doctor tells you the tumour is malignant.

That’s all I really want to say in response to the frequent attempts to undermine my peace of mind by people who have no idea what they are doing or why, no idea who they are, who I am or what they are superior or inferior to, what they bully and what bullies them.

The instant I see genius I acknowledge it wholeheartedly. I am not jealous of other people’s brilliance, you see, just weary of their hopelessness and cruelty. I wish everyone were as brilliantly good and innovative as they think they are; then the world would have no problems at all, would it?

Part 2

When I first heard the concepts I now use and have tried to set out in this introduction it was 1981 and I was 32. I’d survived my two cancers but I’d been sacked from the only job I’ve ever had for medical reasons. My first love had left me for a millionaire with a farm. All traces of youthful arrogance/optimism had been wiped out and I was depressed, I admit. Luckily this left me wide open to new ideas and I embraced them. I have spent the last forty years trying to refine and communicate them. What I wrote above is almost a clear version apart from the usual pollution with my personal concerns, which is a big fault of mine. I’m too feeling and not thinking enough.
Anyway, the central idea is that what is nowadays called The Ego, that I sometimes call The Mind, an imperfectly described (theoretical) Entity is in charge of the average human being, totally. It determines what they think, what they want, how they feel, how they react and who they are. It takes over the being, personality, soul, whatever it is we think they are. It’s primary purpose is to defend itself, not the person it infests. It will do this even if it harms its host. It changes every memory and perception and thought and even so-called logic in order to always come out on top, to “be right” as the Americans say. This is the invisible enemy that I am always attacking in everyone. This is what all my threads are about, all my endeavours and observations and cunning tactics and ironic quips. I am, quite simply, trying to dislodge the stranglehold of The Entity in as many people as possible.

We all have The Entity But, our own version within us and when it feels attacked it retaliates with aggression. This may be covert, as in the patronising remarks that infest all my threads from people who want to challenge my insistence. It can even by actual aggression, calling names, threatening, throwing tantrums, breaking agreements, telling lies to others, trying to cause harm, getting someone chucked out of Last Thursday, whatever. In many cases, with sophisticates, The Entity pauses and resets itself when it encounters serious opposition such as the opening to this thread. Usually it comes back later with satire, with ad hominem attacks and even with nit-picking “logical” and legalistic arguments. We may see this later in this thread but we certainly often see it.

All these Entities have taken what I am saying personally. That is not the human thing to do. The human things to do would be to free yourself from your Entity and say “Thanks for telling me that, Steve. I can see what you mean. Maybe I can try choosing who I am instead of being a robot machine that tries to look good all the time.”

This rarely happens, but the massed Entities sometimes tire of attacking and give up for a while, looking for an opportunity for revenge later. This is tiresome and emotionally strenuous for me, as it has been for everyone who has ever appreciated the truth I am talking about and generously attempted to undertake the dangerous task of sharing it with other human beings, so that they too may free themselves from having to play a part that makes them sick with stress and emotional failure, because it isn’t who they are. It is just an Entity. The body snatchers have invaded and sometimes I feel like screaming it so that people will notice. Often, when I hit the mark there follows stunned silence as the Entities try to ignore what they cannot defeat.

That’s what happens.  I’m not special. I’m not trying to put anyone down or be superior. I’m just a messenger, fortunately equipped to deliver this complex message. I shall keep on doing it till the day I die.

Part 3

I forgot to tell you about the most subtle defence of all that The Entity can put in front of any chance of learning anything discomforting: it pretends it knows it already.

I have a friend who does this in a whining voice tone and has been doing that for the last 45 years; he can always quote some Ancient Greek, oriental or Rabbinical source from thousands of years ago that discovered this thing long before I did and of course passed it on to him. He says this as if he is complaining about me being so arrogant as to ever tell him anything. I never ask why already knowing that his very being is controlled by an Entityhasn’t changed anything about him in 45 years and why Freud only a century or so ago and a very learned bloke, had no clear idea about the role of the Entity, nor of course did Shakespeare, not unless you stretch the text a lot, as some people may well try now to prove me wrong…

No, the most common sort of “I knew all this already” response is smug humour. Laugh it off. Toss it off. This is very common online where they don’t have to face to face as it were. They find it entertaining. I deleted one earlier in this thread in fact but I also left an example for you to see… It works by taking everything away from the point while dismissing it as common knowledge and avoiding the need to address anything I said whatsoever. It must be effective and convincing for these people; it must enable them to believe they have accounted for the threat to their Entity.

So, there we have it: two last resort responses: 1) what right have you, troll/bighead/bully/madbloke. what right have you to be telling something that was common knowledge millions of years ago and that I knew all along, and b) that’s a laugh, nutter/bully/arrogant/ bully/whatever… that’s real funny and I already knew it and watch me magically change the subject by vaguely trying to upset you and turning it into a personal thing that I know I can always win because I don’t really engage with anything except winning by being right all the time. Very American, that one, but, as I say, common here on eek and obvious across northern Europe as well.

I call these two Entity defences the angry and the smug, the crushing and the mocking. As I said, The Entity will do anything to win: it will cry and complain; it will threaten and crush; it will mock and undermine; it will look straight past you at parties and sulk in your relationship. The Entity will even make itself sick, addicted, accident prone and unhappy to be right, which is truly amazing. It will even, in extremis, take its human host to suicidal behaviours, just to be right about everything that went before.

When people talk about “other” Entities they may be on to something but mistaken in the detail. There is only one Entity infesting each human, but it can have many faces and behavioural tricks. Religion, economic growth, optimism, coaching language, bullshit logic, learnedness, smug buffoonery, feminist protest, Third World moral superiority, machine guns and torture chambers… anything and everything can be adopted by any given Entity to reach its goals and in some cases they take over huge corporations or entire countries to render themselves invincible and beyond criticism. Sometimes they try to own the means of free speech or subvert it or subject it to Stalinist Terms & Conditions. There is no end to the versatility of The Entity and there are no exceptions. It infests everyone. Always has and for the foreseeable future always will. One person cannot escape alone. One group cannot escape without radicalising every single thing that anyone in the group thinks and feels and does. One person cannot resist the poison of an ideology that each Entity will use to convince its host that it knows everything (religion, IQ, EQ, wisdom, knowledge, optimism, self-belief, wealth creation, personal charisma, creativity, refined taste, saving the world, being a saint, knowing about loads of important stuff… whatever – any ideology mixed with lifestyle choice that drives the car and keeps Me, the Entity in hiding, on top).

So the “I already knew that” Entity defence is utter BS. So is the I am too wise to need this option and the I am upset at you talking to me like that strategy… and so it the one deployed above a couple of times “this is very interesting so let me show that I’m above it by expanding the discussion in a new direction...” All strategy to protect an Entity. People who are on purpose stick to the point, enjoy the opportunity for revelation, show gratitude for knowledge and a willingness to accept change if it ever comes. You cannot make it happen, though; that’s another Entity lie: the myth of willpower and the magic of imagining, visualising, constellating, wanting, the nonsense of The Secret and all this optimism hysteria we read every day online etc. If it weren’t daft it would be dangerously insane.

…All Entity driven, always; its only purpose being to make the human host happy about being possesed by an Entity. If you’re on top of life and you get all hysterical about it then The Entity owns you utterly. Very common indeed on the internet.

As I say: no exceptions; no escape; The Entity is literally a possession phenomenon. You cannot drive it out. Your only chance is to recognise it and keep on staring it down in yourself, for years, decades, maybe generations… You can pass knowledge on to children to allow them to evolve and mature faster than you did.


Monsters, all of us…

Thursday, 13. September 2012

We are all monsters, sorry, we are all possessed by something monstrous, our minds. They make us into monsters. If like me you admit this and don’t mind showing it, you will be thought of as a bad person and reviled. But my war is not against the individuals I have a go at. My war is with the toxic sentiments and ideas that have taken over their brains and their souls. It’s nothing personal. Any wise person would immediately realise this.

The people I am supposedly “demeaning” are not the ones you see. They are the awful creatures who have taken over the lives in place of what those people could be. I make no apologies. The monsters deserve no respect. They have to die so the people they possess can break free. They are body snatchers and shape shifters.

It’s like exorcism, if you like. And the “demons” fight back, unpleasantly.

Website Knight