Monsters, all of us…

Thursday, 13. September 2012

We are all monsters, sorry, we are all possessed by something monstrous, our minds. They make us into monsters. If like me you admit this and don’t mind showing it, you will be thought of as a bad person and reviled. But my war is not against the individuals I have a go at. My war is with the toxic sentiments and ideas that have taken over their brains and their souls. It’s nothing personal. Any wise person would immediately realise this.

The people I am supposedly “demeaning” are not the ones you see. They are the awful creatures who have taken over the lives in place of what those people could be. I make no apologies. The monsters deserve no respect. They have to die so the people they possess can break free. They are body snatchers and shape shifters.

It’s like exorcism, if you like. And the “demons” fight back, unpleasantly.

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