Why you are only a drone…

Thursday, 13. September 2012

This is a subtle one, so hold on tight. You are not as “creative” as you could be, nor anywhere near as creative as you think you are. And there is a good reason for this. It applies to absolutely everyone without any exceptions so you needn’t feel bad about it. It would help you, however, to know why your creativity is so limited.

Because it scares you. Because you cannoy tolerate uncertainty and chaos. They make you uncomfortanble. You feel you are failing if you don’t get the right answer. This is how they trained you at school and it persists at work as an adult.
You go to meetings. You face decisions. You take what you call risks. Only you don’t. You fall back on safety, on variations of what you have seen work before, on stuff that some gurus promises you will work, on the techniques you learned at some training course, on what will gain you approval and promotion and income.

Truly creative people, those who conjure something from the swirling chaos of impressions, memories, observations and realities that constitute our world, they can bear the fear. They can stand to be confused. They don’t mind being wrong and looking stupid. They never give up and they aren’t trying to look good or manufacture agreement or popularity or even approval.

It is unlikely that you will ever be one of them. Maybe ten in a million make it anywhere close and none of those will be neutralised by self-doubt and peer pressure. You are a drone, probably a higher level drone with more refined routines available, but a drone nevertheless. Your thinking is ultimatrely hive-bound and the internet will make this situation far worse as we “evolve” towards mass agreement in clouds of idiots, reacting before they think.

The crowd is never right. It never can be. It has no magical knowledge. The only thing that separates us from primeval slime is the few brave people who speak with true hearts no matter what. And you, the drones, almost always crucify them.

If this does not apply to you then there’s no need to get indignant, is there. If you really are creative I love you.

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