“Social” media, I don’t think so…

Saturday, 25. August 2012

I once “knew” a woman who had been to a posh primary school for girls and she told me what the little darlings did in their playtimes to build a “community”. They gathered mud and stones and twigs and set them on little improvised platters, then pretended to share gifts of “food” with their intended friends. The purpose of this fantasy was popularity, to be “liked”.

Look on Facebook and you will see your “friends” frantically posting twee photos, cute quotations and links to supposedly interesting music, TED performance or articles written by someone else. That’s supposed to be the “social mefdia”, a community, a place where people develop relationships. Actually it is a place of morbid solipsism pretending to be happy and trying to be popular by having more friends, followers and likes than everyone else. This is supposed to make them feel better, I suppose.

In the “business” world we don’t do all that, do we? We don’t think of ourselves as part of some “kick-butt elite” that can provide innovation and leadership to change the known world. We don’t care about being “liked”. We don’t breathlessly follow our Klout scores in the fantasy that we have “influence”. We don’t believe in easy money for nothing. We’re sure we can turn anything to profit because we’re so brilliant and have such great leadership skills, vision, core purpose, etc. We don’t believe the myth that many random contacts will churn that effortless dosh… Surely not. We are grown ups.

More than that, we are a real community, aren’t we? Huh!

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