It’s all the same…

Saturday, 25. August 2012

People often talk about something they call “change”, by which they actually mean the development of an existing system without any radical transformation of the human personality. This error normally occurs in a climate of expansionist optimism and is actually one of the driving forces of our acquisitive culture. Innovation, we believe, will save the day whatever mess we make of the world…

Communism was also, in its time, a very radical “development” but since it did nothing to alter the people’s attitudes, it became as corrupt as everything else in human history… Another good idea that could never work because nobody actually knew how to share the world, the wealth and above all: the power. Nor did they want to. Too much pleasure to be had in secrecy and covert power, creating fear and spoiling people’s lives.

This idiotic notion of progress through economic growth and technical innovation, of thinking up new forms of the  same basic thing… it’s just as stupid, but it is tempting. It draws people in to apply their so-called business skills and apparently flatters them into displaying decisive “leadership skills”. Yet nothing changes and no one really warned the world of the latest and great economic catastrophes… Certainly less was anyone motivated to avoid them. The rich just took the money and ran, then took some more money ton the pretext that everything would go to hell if we didn’t save their vile structures made of unreal assets, gambled out of the reach of ordinary human beings…

Unless people have a fundamental change of heart away from selfishness and the need to triumph over others, nothing will ever make the slightest difference.

What disgusts me most is that they actually celebrate the “human spirit” and “human nature”, as if we have achieved far more than the dinosaurs. We haven’t.

We ravage the planet. destroy other creatures and allow countless millions of our own to suffer painful and wasted lives. None of that is necessary and all of that is a mark of our infantile stage of development, which some callo a history of “innovation” or “change”. Give me a break! It’s all the same stuff.

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