The rationale for being rebellious; why be awkward…

Wednesday, 28. March 2012

So many people find it impossible to understand the concept “you have already voted”, implying as it appears to that their miserable life with all its errors, has been their own choice and put there by their own intention. Actually it says nothing of the kind. It just says: “you have already voted”. It leaves open the question of whether your vote was free will or pre-pre-programmed, or a bit of both.

Either which way, though, everyone has already voted, already endorsed, already accepted, already cemented in place the reality they are currently living in. That is exactly why change is so challenging because they have already voted to wallow in meaningless optimism where they waste their lives planning the future, as opposed to making conscious choices to accept what is and then having the courage to risk seeking real alternatives, whatever the cost in disturbing their status quo.

For “they” read “we” for we read “I”. There are no exceptions. Every mind on earth is happy to take responsibility for the good things and full of projected blame for the “bad”. Good and bad, of course, are subjective value judgements, two sides of the same coin. The only point that comes out of this is that change demands total honesty which begins with the recognition that you have so already voted on everything that exists that you have integrated it into your own mind.

That is why being a rebel is not just fun; it is essential; it is life itself. To reclaim your reality, starting with your own mind. By admitting that you voted, even for everything you hate. Then you can vote for something else…

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