Coaching is an evil occupation…

Monday, 19. March 2012

I think coaches are vampires who get their teeth into victims and exploit them, feeding them hyperbole and egging them on to be “positive”. Nothing else. The correct way to sustain another human being’s spirit is to appreciate who they are, putting aside the chaos, failure and idiocy of their circumstances and behaviours. First step is to move out of denial and face the truth. Second step is to see how much you already have going for you and what talents you hide from yourself. Third step is to allow the unconscious to unscramble things. Goals are out. Planning is out. Objectives are out. NLP doublethink is most definitely out. The conscious mind is what made the person sick of life in the first place and it will never help them escape their malady.

When this happens something is kindled in the soul which might give them the torque to lift themselves up. Nothing else can work properly. What passes for coaching, advice, consultancy and therapy is merely vampirism that exploits the disenfranchised victim. The vampires who do this kind of work get a ghastly thrill out of being clever and feeling how well-adjusted they are compared with their victims, as doctors often do also.

You all need to flatten your egos to the point of equality with whoever you are with. They are not in trouble and you cannot “support” them. If you think you can then you are in big trouble. You are a) grandiose, b) stupid as hell.

I don’t care who agrees with this or who it offends. This is fact. We must not parasite on the backs of other people, especially in the hypocritical guise of helping them. And people who monopolise your time and ask you to hear their story, agree with it and devote your attention to them? Tell them to grow up and get lost.

Only they can help themselves. Only you can help you. All anyone needs is a couple of people who appreciate who they are. And such people are unlikely to be expecting payment.

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