We are drowning in lie, all of us, and it strangles the soul…

Tuesday, 28. February 2012

A fish cannot swim out of water. You cannot get out of the water that your soul is drowning in. I refer to a world composed entirely of lie. That is the world we live in.

The lie takes many forms: secrecy is lying; breaking your word is a form of lie; cheating and stealing and profiteering are all offences against truth. Keeping quiet when you know something is wrong is also in the spectrum of lie, so is claiming wisdom and knowledge that you do not in fact have. Saying anything for personal gain is to lie. White lies to “protect other people” and “avoid embarrassment” are nevertheless part of the fabric of lie in which we drown.

Gossip is a currency of lie and so, very often is the cruel humour of the Jonathan Ross generation who cannot say anything straight and sincere.

When you pretend you are lying. When you act. When you mislead. When you manipulate using NLP or otherwise. When you withhold vital information is also to lie. When you write that ridiculous puffed-up profile you are exaggerating, which is to lie, as all personal branding is, and all marketing come to that. Marketing conceals some information and promotes sly charm, leaving the consumer confused, deliberately. That’s a cardinal form of lying.

I don’t get me started on religion and political lies…

In a climate of lie such as this, which has always existed in some form in every human culture – in such a climate it is almost impossible to sustain sincerity, honesty and the hugely powerful skill of allowing the truth to flower in any situation.

We are hoist by our own petard, full of sound and fury that signifies nothing (that’s a quote or two for the non-educated, “creative writing” generation).

Once you perceive, admit, experience and begin to recognise the universality of lie all around you there comes the occasional chance to jump out of it for a bit of liberating truthfulness. It’s not going to survive for very long when nobody you are talking to gets it and everyone is so steeped in lie they cannot understand you, but you have to try, or go to your grave with your eyes never opened.

7 Responses to “We are drowning in lie, all of us, and it strangles the soul…”

  1. Vincent Says:

    Well, the fish has evolved to the water it swims in. I would have thought our first imperative is to adapt; for otherwise we perish. Isn’t that the primary truth?

  2. RealSteveHolmes Says:

    By truth I always mean “accurate appreciation of my current state of mind and behaviour and as far as possible that of other people”. I don’t ever mean “immutable scientific truth” or in this case “imperative truth”. We can speak the truth but we can’t know any final truths.

  3. Vincent Says:

    Well, I appreciate my current behaviour with my current state of mind. I appreciate my current state of mind with my current state of mind. What other yardstick do I have? I don’t know how I can fail to find my appreciation accurate. As for other people, my appreciation is probably not accurate. But I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, which in the context of your analysis is granting them the truth of their own perception and actions, and that they are doing the best they can in the circumstances.

  4. RealSteveHolmes Says:

    At any given time most people are mostly confused and self-deceiving about their actual behaviour and their actual state of mind. They do and they believe whatever most polishes their image, their ego, their presentation to the world. They never come anywhere near authenticity and would not know the difference if it ran them over in the street.

    Hence my statement is by no means the tautology you have spun from it.

  5. ktln Says:

    Yes. Sometimes you see a mask slip, and see that the person is not aware it has slipped. I notice it, but how insincere the mask is, can be a complicated question. The best liars are those who believe their lies, which is to say, they are deluded, and delusion of the vanity fair variety is not without value for the frightened, as everyone is frightened sometime, a question being what most frightens you or me. It’s funny how some people are thin skinned and sensitive to others because of this, while some are even thinner skinned, yet insensitive to others, because their fear of being left out in the cold is so great, and they think only so many will be allowed into the warm. For some, ambiguity and uncertainty is like a mist that’s always there, they know the mist will clear in time, even if only intermittently, if they keep their nerve, waiting alone, leaning hard on their staff. Perhaps others sense it more as an abyss, too meaninglessly terrifying to look into it without dire cause, sufficient to the day and so forth.

  6. RealSteveHolmes Says:

    Welcome, KT-LN.

  7. ktln Says:

    Thank you, Steve

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