Everyone is smug and angry, including you…

Tuesday, 21. February 2012

Everyone oscillates on a spectrum from very smug to very angry, depending on their strengths and weaknesses. Most people try to manoeuvre only on the ground where they feel strong. So some angry people like to intimidate others and some smug people never stop gossiping and putting others down.

You can have mild smugs. My best friend is one. Or you can have gentle angries, like me. The variants are infinite. But nobody escapes.

Typically a person will have elements of both.  Me, for example: on the state of the world I am a powerful angry. On the hand of cards that life has dealt me I am almost tortured by grief daily, which is a helpless state between smug and angry. When it comes to the power of words, as you know, I am ineffably smug and superior.

Each of us has a profile in this range of vibrations but this is a totally new concept that will not be commonplace for another twenty years or so. It all depends on how sensitive you are to the manipulative charm of smugness or the unsettled power of anger. Speaking as someone who is more angry than smug I see it everywhere. I am so intensely sensitive to it that I suffer just reading people’s written words and I so love anger that I can tolerate almost total insanity such as Nietzsche without a qualm.

Most intelligent people are the other way round, because they have snatched more than their fair share of life.

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