Wednesday, 18. January 2012

There is only one kind of person, and that is a person who bites back their disappointment in life as they grow older and begins to make the best of it, pretending that everything is just fine. Wilhelm Reich called this resignation and perhaps exaggerated the part that sexual repression plays in creating it, though it definitely restricts our energies.

I prefer to imagine what Prot from K-PAX would say if asked what the human condition was. He might reply that our world is totally lost: so corrupted by lies, hierarchies, religious fantasies and vicious social systems that nothing truly good can come out of it, not genuine love, or healthy self-esteem; not honest truth and certainly not friendship of any meaningful kind when there is so much competition and mistrust.

I would agree with him. The task ahead of us is to learn to be ourselves, all over again.

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