The best truth in the room (telling it)

Tuesday, 6. December 2011

It’s relatively easy to tell some kinds of truth and exclaim: “Hey, look, I’ve told the truth. Now I’m done.” And they may even add: “That’s my truth,” stressing the fact that truth cannot be absolute, which is obvious. But, despite what self-serving arseholes will tell you, there is ALWAYS one best truth in the room, the truth that will bring resolution. This is what they used to mean by the symbol of the Holy Grail, that whose discovery will release the body/mind/group/kingdom from the poison that hangs over it.

This best truth in the room will be reached first by the most intuitive person involved if they have nothing to conceal. Those who are concealing guilt, suspicion, doubt or a fear of sharing the blame will always come up with some other, more devious truth, over and over again. That is what CBT and psychotherapy are, leeches on the soul draining bits out to stop it exploding. The best truth in the room will never be reached by anyone with an axe to grind, by anyone who is following a system, religion, discipline or coaching methodology, by anyone whose motive is to win the argument or say something popular, by anyone who has set themselves up as an expert, a wise woman or a guru.

Sometimes, in a room full of people stuck in lie, a dog or a child is the one carrying the best truth in the room. Often it is a person who is not powerful and remains afraid to say it. The combination of passive intuition and fierceness or courage is so rare in our world that most of these truths come nowhere near consciousness, let alone group awareness – leaving almost all interpersonal and personal problems forever unsolvable.

With the mental equipment people have available right now what is needed is a lot more than a bit of sincerity or even the authenticity we are all aping by being outspoken from time to time in the new internet age. We as a species are not moving closer to redemption; we are still pulling away despite decades of new lies derived from psychotherapy, democracy, feminism, the MBA and its associated frantic managerial enthusiasms, performance coaching, “the cloud”, networking, goal setting and “civilised divorce”.

The best truth in the room is the one that no one wants to tell.

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  1. john paul Says:

    This is very Bhagavad Gita – which is beautiful. As it is. The best truth in the room is the one that we see, not the premeditated, preconceived, preplanned, pre-agreed pre-lied one that gets relentlessly carted about in the hope of finding acceptance and garnering agreement, or becoming the truth de force in the room, via one human interaction to another. I can’t tell you when I was a bit younger how many seemingly alien, pointless, deviously quiet and completely out of synchronicity and frequency some of the words I heard spoken were to any channel I recognised. Does that mean I know better? Only to me. There you go, how many must we dismiss who turn up with sandwiches in mind. Someone once said a hero is a sandwich with volition. I think a sandwich is awaiting a hero with volition. It’s certainly a hard task to expect every interaction to yield truth, either by consensus or individual perception – at least not when the sandwiches are about.

  2. RealSteveHolmes Says:

    I have suffered so much pain, mockery and exclusion as a result of telling the truth that I almost gave up.

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