The tiny shoots that contain real hope, perhaps…

Thursday, 20. October 2011

OK, it’s a wasteland of broken dreams in the darkness on the edge of the money markets and we’re all doomed to go Greek before long with health-care and food rationed to the rich and only shiny plastic communication devices to express our insanity to the other furious, impotent trillions….

But anyone who has someone to love, even if that someone is just a dog, knows that we haven’t even begun to explore the real possibilities for empathy, telepathy, love, harmony, certainty and genuinely constructive action that are open to us when we stop following this stale culture of inequality, competition, theft and buyer beware… when we admit that we got it wrong and we were wrong to worship it.

The big tree looks dead at this moment, and it seems to be nuclear winter right now, but you can see evidence of tiny shoots that may grow back in time and open new life possibilities. You can find them in the minute detail of your own relationship to whoever you really love. Look there and you see a template through which the whole of the human race should be receiving your best contribution.

I hope you do realise, however, that your personal discovery of “the magic of networking” and the opportunity created by WordPress to blog your little heart stupid is not part of a new future; it is the last gasp of an old past.

To be new and different according to any worthwhile vision of a better future requires something altogether more radical and ethical than we collectively have ever dreamed of so far. It will not be an enterprise; it won’t have an MD, CEO, Field Marshall or President. It won’t be some passive dreamy stuff with flowers, supposed to be supported by the words of Ghandi or the Dalai Sheep. It needs to be here, now and real for each person, which is a vast requirement, for those of you who like listing the objections to anything before you give them a ghost of a chance in your imagination. Yes, thanks, it’s obviously naive and impossible as seen from here. How clever of you to notice; how stupid of you not to notice how wonderful they feel, the available benefits of love, trust, community, certainty, progress, sufficiency, sharing and rightness.

What comes next needs to be really really new, and I don’t mean the baiting of harmless policemen in the city streets by aggressive youths who haven’t the slightest notion of sharing the world or anything in it but are simply furious that they weren’t given everything that seemed promised by things like the the University of Bournemouth Media Studies course…

We are special – but not in a way that has yet been understood and demonstrated without contradiction. There is a very very long way to go and the first step is about seven billion challenging first steps, so there’s no chance, is there? Might as well just pump out some more shiny plastic simulated life devices….


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