Feels great to be right, doesn’t it?

Wednesday, 19. October 2011

Under normal circumstances….

The thing about the concept, the attitude, the experience, the certitude that you know the answer is that it feels wonderful.

The thing about the confusion, the delay, the complexity, the doubt of not knowing any answer is that it feels pretty awful.

This is a shame because we actually do not know many answers, yet we long to feel the elation of supposing ourselves wise.

As you will see, all day every day, just by watching.

Once in a while someone shares their genuine doubt, their uncertainty, the fact that they are lost. Not as an example of how they used to feel before they learned their new system, but truly from the heart.

This event is very rare indeed but if it does occur you may notice that it lights up the world with trust, love, decency, concern, togetherness, sharing and the strange certainty that we as people can ultimately cope with anything.

So, if you wanna be my friend, please stop telling me how great you are and let me decide for myself.

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