Rehab begins

Saturday, 20. August 2011

So, here comes the rest of my life: oxygen cylinders and disabled scooters. No more plane trips. No journeys longer than two hours. Three months sleeping on my back and moving carefully while the sternum wound knits together again. Long-term dependency on inhalers and steroids to keep my airways open. Constant checking of heart rate and oxygen levels so I don’t over-use the oxygen and poison myself with CO2. Very restricted motion that probably excludes stairs for ever. Garden needs total makeover so I can use it. House needs endless bits and pieces. Loads of stuff to organise to get a Motability car and a scooter. And I’ll probably need surgery to clear a blocked artery in my leg which is causing agonising cramps.

So what? I feel fine. I love my beautiful wife and I long to be well enough to show her how much. There is nothing wrong with my heart. I can drink coffee again. I am off the poisonous heart drugs. I almost croaked in ICU but my brain is sharp and peaceful. There’s no anxiety. The worst has happened and I’m still standing. On the day I came out Cora mad me the best meal I have ever eaten: sea bass with a light jus of white wine, butter and that gorgeous unguent flat-leaf parsley they eat in Germany all the time. The steamed vegetables tasted more alive than anything I’ve ever eaten after hospital food. The new potatoes were a symphony in comfortableness. I am alive. And I have years ahead. And we can make it work. Cora read me two chapters of Adam Bede yesterday and it was inspiring.

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  1. Chris Says:

    Steve… so so glad to see you back home, back online and slowly coming back up to speed.
    That first meal when you get home is absolutely the best. I’ve had far too much hospital food in my time and unfortunately, my wife has nearly exhausted her culinary repertoire. Trust me, even a cheese and pickle sandwich with a nice cup of tea made by her fair hands in the comfort of my own home means just as much.
    If I had an ounce of your strength, I’d be a better person so thanks for being an inspiration (and you didn’t even know it).
    Cora must be so glad to have you home once again and mightily relieved.
    Take it easy and enjoy the cuddles.
    Once again, great to have you back (online).

  2. Vincent Says:

    You have landed on your feet, dear Steve. I confess I didn’t know what to say when you went into hospital. I nearly sent you a card when you were in, with a message I carefully composed, but then you went home, and I didn’t have the address.

    This has turned out well, for you and us.

  3. RealSteveHolmes Says:

    Thanks guys, I don’t know how I’m still alive after 8 days fighting for breath in ICU but here I am.

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