Lies over lives

Monday, 19. July 2010

People have an overwhelming need to be right in a way that justifies the actions they have already taken and the opinions they already hold. They will see, do and believe whatever allows them to maintain the fiction of their own entitlement to triumph over their environment. This is primarily emotional and bears almost no relation to reality, evidence, truth, what is, the vision of others, scientific method or any other “objective” measure. We are meme machines, and who we are is what we see.

Anyone who does not know this can never be anything more than a mechanical implement, reacting to life by clockwork, yet it is interesting that the clockwork people develop hugely sophisticated mechanisms that help to maintain the illusion that they are thinking and have freedom. I always use the writings of Martin Amis as an example of supremely developed clockwork that is so lifelike that it seems like life. It isn’t. It’s a complex code being fed out by a robot.

Only severe shock and tragedy ever wakes people up from this dream. There is no other remedy. And I mean severe. If you have room to doubt then you’re still a machine.

The main problem is that for most people there are several major life issues about which they cannot face the truth. These start young, fester through the teens and consolidate into hidden bitterness overwritten by fake confidence as they “mature”. Usually these are quite straightforward unmentionables about how clever, attractive, well-endowed, intelligent, popular, creative, healthy, fertile, lucky and successful they are. The yearnings that are installed as they grow out of innocence cannot possibly all be met to their full extent. We are all flawed. We go into ultra denial about this and make up “convincing” ideas, behaviours, attitudes, beliefs that will allow us to cope with being imperfect, not special enough, flawed even, a little crazy maybe, infertile or sick if we’re really unlucky.

Once you lie to yourself about the big stuff and install the lie as truth, overriding reality, it is relatively easy to continue on to the space where your entire life is a pretence.

This is where most people live for most of there lives. And I can prove it within one hour with anyone who is willing to agree to stay in the room and enter the debate.

In this context, what people think they perceive is neither here nor there and the difference between a human being and a machine is marginal because the level of self awareness that makes that difference is insufficient.

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