FILM: the most horrible feminist shite I ever saw

Thursday, 8. October 2009

It’s called “In the Cut” starring Meg Ryan and half penned by cult writer Jane Campion and it made me sick with its relentless, menacing, sordid, anti male propaganda.

Plenty of atmosphere, all of it nasty. Plenty of sharp dialogue without one single moment of human decency ever poking through the total gloom. Nice pointless plot in which all men are suspected of everything and not to be trusted. Possibly the most utterly objectionable film I have ever seen after Silence of the Lambs.

You must see it, as an education in pure, unadulterated prejudice masquerading as interesting psychological complexity. And Meg Ryan really got into it, as you can see from the Parkinson interview on YouTube, and Nicole Kidman co-produced it, so these babes think it really says something about sex, love and men – which is simply terrifying.

Because no mysoginist, no matter how bleak his world, no matter how many women had cruelly rejected him, could ever turn out an image of woman as utterly hating and completely negative as the men portrayed in this film.

What it tells us, that a bunch of rich, attractive, powerful and intelligent women in the most cosseted country on earth could make such a movie, what it tells us is that something is terribly wrong…

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  1. AnnG Says:

    I haven’t seen the film, so I can’t comment on that.

    However, to equate feminism with man hating is plain old fashioned lazy thinking – just as bad as the extreme radical feminist position that all men are potential rapists, or the view that all Muslims are potential terrorists.

    Feminism covers a whole range of beliefs, but the basis of it is merely about equality. Feminists are girlfriends, wives, mothers, sisters, daughters – hell, some of them are even men. Let’s not get carried away with demonising a stereotype.

    Something is terribly wrong with Hollywood – the way so many of its denizens have queued up to defend Roman Polanski is completely shocking.

    However, when you analyse the entire output of Hollywood, and consider the way women have been depicted in every genre, I don’t think one or two films that shows that some men behave badly to women will do anything to redress the balance.

    Let’s see – Glenn Close the bunny boiler, Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, the way that sexual young women get punished in such films in the horror genre as Halloween, while the chaste ones survive.

    Ann – still feminist.

  2. RealSteveHolmes Says:

    I always find the use of the word “stereotype” in these matters very interesting, as if there could somehow be a descriptive phrase that is not a “persuasive definition”. As if we should all agree that Roman Polanski is still deserving of drastic retribution and we all agree that “Hollywood” has treated women badly. I do not. Hollywood has made many useless but superficially attractive women wealthy beyond dreams of avarice and they have been happy to accept that lifestyle while other women, and men, have toiled in despair as waiter, kitchen staff and busboys in the places that celebrities gather.

    This is a film of almost unparalleled bleakness of vision in which no man can even have a decent thought. This is what I have understood is the heart of feminism since I witnessed it’s birth on the campus of Sussex University straight after Germaine Greer’s obscene book, in 1968 – and the world was suddenly full of hatred.

  3. AnnG Says:

    I think the world was full of hatred before that – well documented by Germaine Greer, and clearly demonstrated in the history books. Alas, all around the world, women are still treated as if they aren’t quite human – denied education, being punished for any sexual expression, genital mutiliation, being stoned for adultery, being left to burn in schools because they weren’t modestly covered… And our enlightened Western governments turn a blind eye and make deals with these regimes, if there is financial benefit.

    Of course there are a great many men who are exploited, but generally it is by richer and more powerful men, and not by the few rich and powerful women. The evidence still shows that women do a huge proportion of the world’s work, in exchange for a tiny portion of it’s wealth.

    I believe it has been in the interest of capitalism to set mena nd women againts each other, to keep our minds distracted from the great injustices that are perpetrated on all of us.

    From what I gather the film is a thriller, and so many of them are biased in the other direction. Think of all the Chandler women, and the idea of women presented in the whole noir genre.

    The suspicion and bleakness is just part of the genre, and complaining about it is akin to objecting to innuendo in Carry On films.

    I’m reminded of the Michael Winner film. He was challenged about the sexism in his films on the Channel 4 discussion programme After Dark, and he said that if someone came to him with the gender roles reversed, he would still be inter5ested in making the film. What was it called? Dirty Weekend, I think. A female main character who was raped and abused went on a spree and killed lots of men who tried to take advanatage of her.

    I don’t read a film like that as a commentary on the relationhsip between all men and all women – it’s justa story that chooses to look at the dark side of a few extreme situations.

    Now that may illuminate and tell us something about the wider society we live in – but mostly I think it doesn’t. Mostly I think these are just stories where we can indulge our desire to split off all the nastiness that is in us all and project it safely out there, and then leave it behind afterwards. Just like some people do when playing violent computer games.

    I think your understanding of feminism is deeply flawed and based on a very few extreme examples. Of course the radical separatists exist – but mostly feminism isn’t like that at all. The vast majority of feminists are living perfectly happily in harmony with the men in their lives – and just want justice and equality, and for women to live free of fear. Most of us think that would be better for men too.

  4. Michael Heaney Says:

    Isn’t misogyny just a specialised branch of misanthropy?
    Feminism is a belief in women’s rights and equality. How could anyone be against that?
    Women are people – men are people – we are all humans. Why should our social, cultural, political views and actions be predicated on the details of an individual’s reproductive plumbing rather than a more rational evaluation of their ability to contribute and their needs?
    We have big brains – that allows to make nuanced judgements
    So let’s not regress back down the phylogenetic scale to the behaviour of Praying mantis or Black widow spiders
    It’s nice to be nice.

  5. RealSteveHolmes Says:

    I’m afraid I’m not going to agree that my loathing of feminism is exaggerated. It’s like a poison cloud that first launched itself when I was 20 years old in 1969 and has continued to contaminate human relationships ever since, imputing as it does in various degrees and with various levels of cupidity and malice a whole series of almost entirely negative attitudes, behaviours and instincts to the male of the species and assuming that the female is almost entirely the innocent victim.

    None of it is even true on the sociological level. When women in America wanted to play housewife and make apple pies the men of America organised a grim society of hard work for themselves and a relatively easy domestic routine for their spouses. When women changed their minds and started demanding equality in the workplace the entire economic system was restructured to make opportunities for them, especially the more aspiring classes, simultaneously throwing unskilled male workers on the scrap-heap where their families have suffered for the emancipation and enrichment of some but not all women.

    Class, race, education and religion remain far more important than gender yet gender is the one that has been stuffed down our throats until it chokes us for the last four decades. And I am now so allergic to hearing about it that far from wanting any further justice for women I simply want them to shut the fuck up for the rest of my life, especially those who complain the loudest, the wealthy ones in western societies who have more than most of the world’s men ever had.

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