A vague feeling of discomfort

Friday, 25. September 2009

- is upon me, you know? That sense that everything is not well with the world really but there’s nothing you can point a finger at. It doesn’t feel personal and it’s not a premonition. I just have a buried nausea, a slight unease, a hint of panic, a desire to find safety, a hint that something wrong is approaching from a distant, hidden place. Normally I would bury such a feeling under a brisk call to activity over something trivial but tonight it stays with me, despite a successful day and a week that was far better than expected.

I know there is intelligence living in our guts but I do not know what mean the messages it sends me, often sends me, usually unheard, while my mind tries to control everything.

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  1. Vincent Says:

    Well, good to hear of the success. It might not feel personal but—perhaps it is. For I have always forever felt that all is well with the world, though not always with me.

    If mind is trying to control everything then it doesn’t take much intelligence living in the guts to guess what the message is.

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