WORD UP: you’re blogging what?

Wednesday, 17. June 2009

This set of definitions may really challenge you…

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  1. Cora Says:

    What I’ve missed in this set of definitions is the column,
    described in Collins as a ‘regular feature in a paper’.
    So is there a difference between a blog and a column, I wonder…

  2. Vincent Says:

    Absolutely there is a difference between a blog and a column, assuming the blog is not just a cloak for some publicity or propaganda.

    Journalists write columns whether or not they have anything heartfelt to say: in order to survive.

    Bloggers (with the exceptions mentioned above) write to celebrate what stimulates them enough to make the effort to write.

    The blogger may not be such a practised communicator, but has something vital to say. If she says, “My baby took his first steps today” and supplies snapshots to prove it, I won’t be interested; but this does not detract from the vitality of the words and pictures published, and their potential interest to someone, even if only one or two souls.

    The column may lack this vitality entirely and be as hypocritical as anything said by a politician.

  3. Steven Holmes Says:

    In the English language words sometimes become battlegrounds as different meme swarms strive to sway their meaning to suit their own ideology. Most “blogs” are merely glorified chat or advertorial, alas, or in some way connected with that hideous concept, to monetize (sic). The internet is now infested with people hoping to get richer by spraying ordure all over everyone else.

    What I’m trying to do here is create a different kind of forum and if anyone else wishes to start a topic they can do so…

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