5.3.5 Friendship and Sacrifice

Friday, 21. August 2009


According to Diderot, the tokens of appreciation of a friendship extend further than we may  assume: we are obliged to maintain friendship in proportion to its level and character, which means many levels and characters, each with different duties. It’s an important reflection, meant for preventing the feeling of injustice of those who wail about having been abandoned, badly supported, or not much valued by their friends. A friend with whom we will have an other relationship than mere easy literary amusements finds it strange when we do not exert all our strength for him; friendship demands such behavior. A friend with whom we will cultivate a warm heartedness and an agreement to keep up the relationship, requires from us favours which could involve our fate; the friendship is an obligation, that demands such sacrifices.


Do you agree with Diderot, that friends are allowed to interfere with your fate…

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