If you just want to…

Wednesday, 17. June 2009

Say hello or something about this forum or leave any feedback, this thread is the place to do it…

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  1. Steven Holmes Says:

    If you want to comment, you’ll need to register and login. You first comment will require moderator’s approval and after that you can post at will.

    Soon there will be profiles, avatars, reminder emails with opt out, whatever…

    This forum is only two days old so thanks for everyone who is already involved.

  2. Vincent Says:

    I meant to say happy birthday, Steve! Welcome to the world of the elderly. It gets better.

  3. Michael Heaney Says:

    You’ve got it nicely started here.. I hope you settle in well and get lots of visitors, and that your blog comes complete with the full set of methods to dispose of the remains when the trolls come hunting.

    Is that “Welcome” on the mat a translation of “Nowwhatdoyouwant”

  4. Steven Holmes Says:

    Thank you, Michael and Vincent. Great to have you here. I think you’ll get on.


  5. cartoono Says:

    Hello Steve. Wordpress is a bit of a bugger when you have multiple blog personalities like me. I had to completely register anew to get in and now I’ve forgotten how to upload a profile pic. Anyway, I shall endeavour to stay away from the heavy stuff and provide occasional light relief…

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