On a beautiful word

Friday, 14. August 2009

I often sit reading a dictionary for fun. Sometimes a word will especially catch my imagination and I want to share it.

The word for today is VERSATILE

First used around 1605, apparently, derived from a Latin root meaning either many-sided or capable of turning depending on where you look, but surely so much richer since it became a common term and so much deeper in meaning than a word like adaptable because it hints at a gift or a power in the person you attach it to that I think crude is its true opposite.

A person with only one track in terms of ideas or behaviours, someone who prides himself on being consistent, that person seems pitiable to me. But the versatile person can produce different moods, different approaches, different ways of thinking and even different behaviours in an appropriate way that the boring among us just cannot do.

There, that should upset somebody who mistakenly thinks I’m getting at them.

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