Survey of the Articles about Diderot up to 10th August

Tuesday, 11. August 2009

Dear fellow members, I have now posted ten articles on Diderot in different sections. As you may remember, Diderot’s lodgings consist out of seven rooms, each with their own character. You can find now:

(1)  the living room, where issues will be dealt about Diderot’s life, his family, beloved friends and his contemporaries;







(2)  next there’s the bedroom, a very suitable place for philosophical discussions about life, intimacy, eruptions…well, you’d better find out for yourself;




(3)  further, there’s a small room where Diderot champions the arts, especially music, with an upright piano and some wood-wind instruments;

This room is still empty


(4)  after the music room you’ll find the so-called laboratory, intended for performing scientific experiments;



(5)  then you have the workshop with demonstrations of specific trades which will be explored extensively, later on;



(6)  let’s not forget the library, a pleasant place to discus literature;

This room is still empty


(7)  and last but not least there’s the bathroom, with a royal bathtub… definitely the  most proper place for uttering sounds, songs and speeches and… in short: all kinds of language-issues.



These rooms will be filled bit by bit on this journey through Diderot’s life. It is my aim to give you an impression of his genius, his versatility and openmindedness and I’d like to show you also that he was an ordinary human being with shortcomings and naughtinesses, in short, a person just like you and me.

Altogether we are his descendants…



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