Bach with feeling

Wednesday, 17. June 2009

For the last two decades at least there has been absolutely nothing comes near Glenn Gould as an interpreter of the Goldberg Variations by JS Bach. But now there is this.

Reviewed thus: “If I am to be allowed only one musical work on a desert island, then I should choose Koroliov’s Bach, because forsaken, starving and dying of thirst, I would listen to it right up to my last breath.”
(György Ligeti)

It’s incandescent, truly. The greatest breakthrough in Bach keyboard I’ve ever heard: it’s bright, skillful, passionate, professional, imaginative… WOW!!!

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  1. Vincent Says:

    I followed the link, read your review, listened to the clips, was seduced. Not too familiar with Goldberg but am very alive to Bach, & have compared for example versions of BWV1004.

  2. Steven Holmes Says:

    I find Russians are generally best when it comes to soloists, at least they are to my soul.

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