1.1 Diderot’s lodgings

Saturday, 1. August 2009


Dear fellow members, I’m happy to introduce to you Diderot’s lodgings.

Our landlord Steve Holmes has generously offered us a place on his website.

Imagine Diderot’s lodgings as a decorous abode at the entrance to the grounds of the Holmes mansion. This modest house has seven  rooms, each with their own purpose.


For instance you may find

(1)   the living room, where issues will be dealt about Diderot’s life, his family, beloved friends and his contemporaries;

(2)   next there’s the bedroom, a very suitable place for philosophical discussions about life, intimacy, eruptions…well, you’d better find out for yourself;

(3) further, there’s a small room where Diderot champions the arts, especially music, with an upright piano and some wood-wind instruments;

(4) after the music room you’ll find the so-called laboratory, intended for performing scientific experiments;

(5)   then you have the workshop with demonstrations of specific trades which will be explored extensively, later on;

(6)   let’s not forget the library, a pleasant place to discus literature;

(7)   and last but not least there’s the bathroom, with a royal bathtub… definitely the  most proper place for uttering sounds, songs and speeches and… in short: all kinds of language-issues.


It was almost three hundred years ago (296 years to be precise) that Denis Diderot was born in Langres, a small town in France, not far away from Paris. We are talking about a real genius, one of the most important philosophical spirits of the Age of Enlightenment.


Here in Diderot’s lodgings I would like to elucidate some of his thoughts and ideas, transformed if possible to a modern, present-day setting.


Now, I can hear you thinking  “And who may this ‘I’ think she is”…

well, let me tell you that I’m very proud to be one of Diderot’s descendants – and you may call me:




The first article will appear tomorrow…

4 Responses to “1.1 Diderot’s lodgings”

  1. Steven Holmes Says:

    A warm welcome to this section, Cora.

  2. stevenhealey Says:

    I look forward to the journey .

  3. Vincent Says:

    Descended from Diderot by blood? Or a “spiritual” descendant who has inherited his ideas, for further propagation? Anyhow, will be delighted to learn and (if permitted) question.

  4. Cora Says:

    Thank you so much, gentlemen, for your encouraging responses.

    To be honest Vincent, Diderot considered the complete future generations as his descendants. So you may as well regard yourself as one of Diderot’s offspring, if you like…

    It goes without saying that comments are very welcome…

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