Spooky stuff on personality?

Wednesday, 17. June 2009

First take a look at this:
and even more convincing, this:

What these two articles seem to imply is that profound aspects of personality are actually embedded in the cells of body tissue in some way, so that organ recipients begin to have similar experience to that of the donor.
I’d be extremely happy, for once, for someone to tell me it’s crap and I shouldn’t worry about it, but there is also a certain piquancy for me because I have in my own way come to speculate on the possibility that we are at least as much “nature” as “nurture” and I even feel sympathy with Lamarck, I think, when he claims that acquired traits can be passed to the very next generation, as opposed to evolving over millions of years in the Darwinian model.
I don’t know. But it’s an important mystery on the verge of further revelation.

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  1. Vincent Says:

    Looking at both articles I find they don’t actually imply what you say but propose that people believe that they will pick up traits from the donor. To me it’s perfectly natural and instinctive that people should believe that, and quite possibly their belief will tune them in to stuff that sceptics (or those ignorant of the provenance of the organ) would be unaffected by.

    As I’ve said elsewhere, I personally recoil instinctively from being a donor or recipient of organs or blood. In the Monty Python film, The Meaning of Life, a man with blood-stained apron visits someone who, half an hour before, has filled in an organ donor form at his public library. “I’ve come for your liver!” says the visitor. In this scene, the film acts out the primitive feeling which ensures that these generous donors are relatively rare.

    To wander somewhat off your subject, but pursue mine further, we could list many things which instinct finds unnatural:

    sex with other species
    organ transplant
    experiments on animals (vivisection)
    mucking about with nature’s reproductive arrangements (IVF, farming female ova etc)

    I find it interesting to compare this list with things that the Catholic Church disapproves of. High correlation.

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