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Monday, 6. July 2009

I would very much appreciate any feedback from regular and new users on the way this website works and the content so far. Please comment freely with a view to further developments. Thank you.

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  1. Steven Holmes Says:

    After 2 weeks we are averaging 50 visitors per day who are staying long enough to read something, which is great. My ambition would start with 1000 regular visitors, readers and commentators by Xmas 2009. Please invite anyone you think may be interested.

  2. Vincent Says:

    I look to the site in constant and undimmed hope for the shoots of transformation and redemption: something new.

    I find the possibility of this is weakened rather than strengthened by the showcasing of material published or not from previous years and decades. The “humble megalomania” is disarmingly honest but discouraging to the emergence of other, new voices.

    One could have a site, as many do, entirely devoted to the showcasing of one’s thoughts and writings. Or one could run a participatory forum in which all feel welcome.

    There’s a site I recommend, whilst not personally in accord with its premiss (how to write a popular blog): it’s called

    Reply: I think that after dedicating my entire life to explorations of reality and language I deserve a modest showcase, some readers who may gain something and some sympathetic feedback as opposed to debate. I didn’t start this as a chat site; I started it as a 20 year project to bring my dormant ideas back to life.

  3. Vincent Says:

    On a more technical note I think participants would appreciate a means to edit their own comments, even if it only offered a 5-minute countdown where this facility is open (a neat touch I saw somewhere). This would be especially welcome as you don’t have a preview option. Editing would include the facility to delete the entire comment.

    Reply: this has been part of my intention from the start and as soon as I locate the right widget and have the means to install it there will be an editing box.

    updated days later by Vincent, to show that the one hour limit is not working.

  4. jeremy_dent Says:

    I find it quite hard to use and find my way around the site, despite being a WordPress expert and being online for…a lifetime.

    Maybe it’s because I’m more used to a WordPress back-end!

    I am looking for an intellectual honesty. A rare bird but which I keep hoping Steve will originate, or stimulate, or demand. And it will demand that from me.

    Reply: I am doing my best with both the technicalities of WordPress and the orgination of material. There will be a lot more in the future. Navigation currently expresses what I am able to achieve with the WordPress back end after 3 weeks.

  5. testuser Says:

    test comment – it works – you can now edit your comments for 60 minutes after posting

    *this is such an edit

  6. bashi Says:

    Bashi, I am testing your new account here and it does work. Steve

  7. bashi Says:

    Ahh at last I am in … hoping now I am logged in all the time very time consuming keep resetting my password:)

    be prepared Steve it is raining in the SW
    off to Spain next week but will join in when I get back!

    umm and now have to work out the photo bit!

  8. bashi Says:

    I don’t like that grey person can someone tell me how to download a photo I can only find Steven’s avatar info?

  9. Steven Holmes Says:

    Avatar info is in the FAQ section to your right. It’s not easy.

  10. Vincent Says:

    Steve, when you add your reply to a comment in italics, it’s handy in one way. But it means your reply won’t show up in RSS feed. Would it not be better to add a new comment, then it would show up?

  11. Vincent Says:

    I find I can still edit my own comment more than 24 hours after posting it, theoretically giving me the ability to modify the reply that you have appended to it.

  12. Steven Holmes Says:

    That’s the problem with the available Widgets and addons for this latest version of WordPress, Vincent, and finding time to use them when you can’t code applications. If you want to help me with this you are welcome to try.

  13. AnnG Says:

    Struggling to find my way around a bit – trying to find the beginning of touch but the links all seem to take me to Touch 14…

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