Film: Body of Lies

Sunday, 5. July 2009

We saw this last night and although it was heartless and brutal in places it is very well crafted and in some strange way carries quite profound human values precisely because they are notably missing in the behaviour of most of the main protagonists. It isn’t just a shoot ‘em up Iraq espionage caper.

The technology is breathtaking, ditto the visual impact and the plot lines work on you because just when you think someone on any side of the vested and personal interests in play is about to do something decent or honest, they don’t. The American spooks with their technology are show as both omnipotent and powerless without the old-fashioned cunning displayed by the head of the Jordanian secret service, who is an unforgettable character.

There is a kind of resolution of the main plot theme at the end but several backstories you have been building in your heart are left unresolved or tainted with potential tragedy and in this sense it feels oddly accurate to what life must be like on the front line between Western Imperialism and Muslim terrorism.

Innocent people on both sides get dragged in and badly harmed, which is another even-handed strength of the moral compass of the film. But you’ll need a strong stomach for the torture scenes and a strong spirit for the wasted and scattered lives. Alas, it is also the kind of movie that may set your female companion to wondering whether men actually enjoy violence for its own sake.

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  1. Stan Wright Says:

    What a great film; even with that tool Crowe in it, I don’t know what it is about Russell Crowe every time I see him I want to give him a good slapping even though he isn’t that bad an actor, I think it stems from that pathetic episode at the Academy Awards a few years back.

    Any film with Leonardo DiCaprio in it gives me an automatic pass to watch it with the missus, Carol irrespective of the violence therein.

    Hani Salaam what a great character; why a country that has been around for 5 min believe they can pull one over on countries that have been around for an eternity is beyond me; do you think the Yanks actually believe their own hype?


  2. Abdo Says:

    I’ll be watching it tonight and giving a review. “Islamic Terrorism and Western Imperialism” is one of the subjects that interest me. And yes in somehow it’s just ONE subject.

    - Abdo

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