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Thursday, 2. July 2009

A friend recently broached the subject of karma and the possibility of being punished for having bad thoughts. My response was that while your own inner peace may benefit from acting and even thinking with integrity and you have no doubt made ethical agreements, some of which you will not be aware of, like secret promises to your children, there is in fact no external, mystical process at work which condemns bad people to pain. Bad people get away with it and good people suffer with conscience. Evil is not a force of the universe, it’s more a lack of empathy with others. End of opinion. But while you deny the mystical/God agreement that was placed in your brain as a child as one of the early modules installed, it will keep coming back to haunt you; the best thing to do is get religion for a while, realise it’s crap experientially and mature into an atheist.
No doubt others will disagree.

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  1. Cora Says:

    Feeling guilty about bad thoughts comes from an early period (13th Century) in our christian history.
    Church and State wanted to control their citizens. They feared that secret thoughts could lead to bad behavior… Thus they introduced the confession. For centuries people have believed that
    confession was a necessary requirement for complete forgiveness. And this belief has deep roots in our education…

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