Kundalini blues

Wednesday, 1. July 2009

No sniggering. Four years ago I had what was apparently according to the two people I trust the most an experience of “kundalini rising”. Yes, I hate the terminology, but the experience was unbelievable. I was lying in bed, expecting sleep, concentrating on the base of my spine as I do (because that helps you go to sleep almost instantly, don’t ask me why, cranial energies in balance with the pelvic floor or something…)

Anyway, boom, like something out of star wars, I feel this intense, warmish, powerful, almost liquid stream of energy flooding up from the base of my spine and through all the tissues of my body. It paused for a while in the lungs where I have about 30% radiotherapy damage but gradually I could feel it suffuse even through those burned tissues.

It went everywhere, to my fingertips and the intense part lasted between five and ten minutes. Inside I was warm, reassured, sort of colossally at one with the world. My skin was prickling, kind of in awe, like goose bumps gone mad, almost frozen.

I have used an old account to recreate this because the feeling never came again. Anyone else?

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