Say no to networking fever…

Tuesday, 16. June 2009

“Networking fever” is now considered the number one form of emotional disease in the world, some Australian scientists have claimed. All over the planet people have started “networking” and withdrawn from real life, seeing their virtual addiction as a source of imaginary friends and even as a way to earn a living. Some truly pitiful souls show a religious zeal, even consider it a “healing” experience for their afflictions, both physical and emotional. But ahead of them lies the tragedy of “blogger burnout”, the downside of the fever, a tragic state in which the victim finally realises that no one is really connecting with them and no money has come from all the effort they put in.

The solution? Just say NO. Ration yourself. Life is still life, just like it used to be. Go out and meet some real people and do some real work. The world will still be much the same tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Say no to networking fever…”

  1. bashi Says:

    I think it is too late the world is hooked! Everyone now thinks they are “someone” … hundreds of friends, contacts, @follow celebs, cutting edge of News, making money on utube, watch me put on my mascara huh! … no more lonely nights, stood up dates, queues for the flicks all gone … it is actually quite scary coupled with all the other media induced rubbish we have been force fed for the last ten years.

    Perhaps someone could build an ark and those with any sanity left can go in two by two!

  2. Steven Holmes Says:

    Agreed. It’s Babel.

  3. Cora Says:

    You were speaking of a ‘humble megalomania’ in your welcome message, Steven, that’s a new oxymoron to me.
    Like an impudent minimalism…

    I’m looking forward to the things you want to say here on this platform,
    because I’m always delighted to improve my knowledge… like food for more meaningful thoughts.
    Thoughts that I’ll can chew whilst having a long walk…

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