Remote co-sentience; can we read each other’s minds?

Monday, 29. June 2009

This slightly relates to my recent thread about questions and my general interest in the subject of alternatives to the interrogative. As far as I’m concerned this is a completely open questions that anyone can contribute to.

Sometimes I have the intuition that I know what someone distant is thinking, both consciously and perhaps unknown to themselves. Sometimes I am surprised by how well someone quite distant from me has anticipated my thoughts and actions. It is as if we shared a common, possibly telepathic space.

I know for an absolute certainty that my dog Beatrice (RIP) used to start scratching at the door a good ten minutes before I arrived home by car, when she could not possibly catch a scent to warn her. And don’t we all know that there are just too many stories about the remote co-sentience of domestic pets, family members, people in love simply to ignore the possibility that something non physical travels between beings not virtually on the Internet but without any explained connection “through the ether”…

Can we go further still and admit that people who dream of past lives may actually be tapping a genetic memory or a something even more mysterious left behind by those no longer still with us. Just visit any Nazi concentration camp if you want to test that theory: you can almost hear the damned calling out to you, or at least, your imagination is excited by something beyond reason…

The most extreme form of this theory would be where we assume that if only they would stop asking and start tuning in, then everyone can know anything that is out there being broadcast by anyone else. They used to lock people in a Bedlam for believing that, yet I am pretty sure that ex lovers and spouses can still tap in to their former partner’s progress through life and that parents can distantly follow their children during the gap year adventures enough to be justifiably worried.

Good poker players talk about “tells” that they say are little clues but even in online poker where you get no such clues you sometimes come up against and undefeatable player who seems to know exactly when to hold and when to fold even when the statistical odds are against them.

Native Americans would have no problem with these possibilities. How about us?

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  1. Stan Wright Says:

    I really would like to believe these occurrences happen and can certainly empathise with the dog, but every time I am just about to allow my guard down I get that niggling feeling that the brain loves to play games with us.

    You only have to see a master slight of hand magician at work to see just how well the brain can be manipulated to the point of believing the clearly unbelievable.

    My view is that we can be too quick to explain strange occurrences as almost supernatural abilities; sometimes a good dose of Occam’s Razor doesn’t go amiss.


  2. Steven Holmes Says:

    A wireless network isn’t supernatural. Why shouldn’t thought and feeling transmit?

  3. Stan Wright Says:

    Perhaps I’m different in some way to everybody else, but I’m just as bad at picking up wireless transmissions without a receiver as I am at picking up thought waves.


  4. Vincent Says:

    Not sure what you are prompting here, Steve: 1) anecdotes which will support the theory or 2) further theorizing.

    The facts are surely universal, shared over thousands of years, believed in, doubted, documented, denied. Whatever the facts are.

    I’m all for tuning in, but with no interest to “know anything that is out there being broadcast by anyone else”.

    There’s a lot of people interested in supernatural powers, but if they want to know what’s out there, read the news; or to communicate with a loved one, use a mobile phone; or to get from a to b, never mind teleporting, catch a bus.

    As for previous lives, it’s a distraction from this one, which is perfectly framed by birth and death to be as it were a complete painting.

  5. Vincent Says:

    Stan, whilst in agreement with the thrust of your remarks, I’d like to question how “the brain loves to play games with us”. What then is the brain? What is “us”?

  6. Stan Wright Says:


    The brain is that grey thing that Dr Hannibal Lecter took such a liking to slightly sautéed; which normally resides in the head. With regards to what is us, that’s the objective case of we.

    I’m afraid for anything of a more philosophical nature you will need to get Steve to answer that question; I can barely build-up enough mental capacity to walk down the road some days let alone answer them questions.


  7. AnnG Says:

    Well, I have soemwhere written down the strange experience I had at the moment my Dad died – him in Rochdale Asda and me in a park in Liverpool.

    I had a terrible cold feeling and felt very scared at the time – Ryan was with me and comfortted me…and somehow we decided to get married that year while still at University, instead of afterwards as we had planned.

    Two hours later I discovered that was exactly the moment my Dad died…and on Saturday it will be our thirtieth wedding anniversary.

    So I’ve always interpreted it to mean something abo9ut us having my dad’s approval. Of course if the marriage had tirned out to be a disaster, I would have seen it as a warning…

    More recently, I had a mild version that could be interpreted as psychic – a friend told me in an email she was exhausted and I superpoked her on FB a drink of cocoa just as she was having one… Not someone who I know very well, or whose routine I have much knowledge of – but it felt at the time like a fleeting contact.

    Still, although I tend to be fairly skeptical about this stuff…sometimes it feel real


  8. Abdo Says:

    Well, that’s what the soul is about, exact technical explanation to these occurrences and how it works will never be there. There is only a religious explanation which is that we’re after all a mud brought to life by a blow from god’s soul.

    When we sleep, our souls travel outside our bodies and meet so the geographical location doesn’t matter for people to emotionally connect, or even being alive.

    When you visit the grave of someone, he knows that you’re there, when you talk to him, he listens and understands.

    That happened to me when my mother was having a surgery, I wanted to tell her a certain phrase but she was having the surgery already. After the surgery when she was in an awake unaware state and first saw me she told me the exact phrase, exactly the same way I wanted to tell her!

    When I was a kid studying my classes, I suddenly felt so much burden in my chest and being not able to concentrate for no obvious reason, I decided to go out. When I get out I found my grandmother bleeding as she fall to the ground and asking for help from a while and no one was listening.

    So, it’s all about the soul that we have no control over and no knowledge about, these incidents will keep being just observations, we don’t know how it worked and we can’t make it work when we want.

    - Abdo

  9. Cora Says:

    As Ann is saying, sometimes ‘it’ feels real.
    And every time we think that we have a clue, and when we want to master it, or control it, ‘it’ slips away and we lose the touch with ‘it’…
    Why is that, I wonder…

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