SEO, don’t make me laugh…

Tuesday, 16. June 2009

I think this SEO stuff is a bit like black magic, with the “experts” who sell it trying to convince us all they can achieve results that they simply cannot. Ditto Adsense and the new religion of posting articles and Twitters all over the world.

How do you explain this: there are 3 main global search terms that cover most of the enquiries relevant to my business. Since Google first existed in about 1998-1999 my sites have appeared on page 1 for all of them, right up to 2009. Then I started doing stuff and they slipped to page 2 of Google. Then I stopped doing stuff (including switching off the SEO here) and we’re back on page 1 again. If anyone can beat doing nothing, please tell me. Otherwise I’ll do nothing for anyone for £1000 flat fee.

It’s hokum and it’s all too late in any case. To establish a really powerful internet presence you need a pre-existing brand name or a huge spend in at least six figures. If all you want is to come no 1 for “yogic plumbers in Mexborough” search that term in a couple of hours and you’ll probably find this if it hasn’t been closed to Google. I don’t know. I don’t care any more. I just now that hundreds of thousands of people all over the world are posting endless drivel all day long in the hope of being noticed and that they’re wasting their time.

We now have large communities where everyone is a seller and no one is a buyer and the clever sellers sell to other sellers better ways of selling themselves that basically don’t work because nobody’s buying. Most networkers should quit with their current losses and go back to getting a job.

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  1. Stan Wright Says:

    Hi Steve

    First of all congratulations on your new blog; which I will take a keen interest in over the next 20 years.

    How people promote themselves on the internet is without question a black art to me; how one website seems to thrive when another one fails with seemingly little difference between them can be quite baffling.

    I think it’s too easy to dismiss the effect SEO’s have on search ability; my own experience is that the correct use of SEO’s without question will get you number one position on Google, to my mind its how you then get the person on to your site to buy etc once you have got there that is the big question.

    My business partner and I dabbled on the internet, with an online business recently, you may have noticed it on my profile “Organic products for Men” we spent £10k for a site to be produced which we got great feedback on, our products were on the lower side of cost compared to other similar sites and it got good positioning through Google; we never sold a bean and have wrote it off as a lesson well learned.

    My personal view is that in order to do well on the internet you have to understand the psyche of how people are influenced to buy more that your positioning on Google, and that’s where you come in Steve, so over to you.


  2. Vincent Says:

    Of course like Stan I intend to congratulate you too. Take it as read. What’s going to happen to Stan in 20 years’ time though? Or is your blog time-limited?

    I’m not sure what SEO is, but it doesn’t much matter, as you’ve convinced me I don’t need it. I have nothing to sell, but sincerely believe that someone will beat a path to my door and ask me for it anyway. Well, it has happened that way till now, and I’m getting used to the idea of doing nothing (for which no training was ever provided in my career) when no other demands are made on my time.

    I like the idea of, as you say, quitting networking and getting a job – for those who need a job of course.

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