Here’s a pair of useful words

Saturday, 20. June 2009



If you merge them you’d get something really marvellous: a real spiritual event that was about to happen !!!

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  1. Vincent Says:

    I like the word “immanence”. I’ve used it in discussions about God. So I could explain that I was aware of an immanent power that might be called God, but was a lot less clear about the existence of any transcendent power.

    I’m not so comfortable with the concept of “a real spiritual event” though, especially attaching the concept of its being about to happen.

    To me it would only make sense as a spiritual experience (subjective) as opposed to an event (in the world).

    I can imagine the imminence of being hit by an express train as it approaches. I can see it coming.

    I can not imagine the imminence of a thought though, nor any other subjective experience.

    Still, I hope you do manage to merge them, perhaps in your Cornish weekend.

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