Ludicrous but not really true

Saturday, 20. June 2009

1. The Deer Botfly - listed in every book including the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest creature on earth but it wasn’t…

The stuff we are led to believe, honestly. Next thing you know we’ll be believing that parliamentary democracy exists to enfranchise the poor or that the stock markets are a way of investing in enterprise…

Whereas in fact democracy was devised to protect the rights of the third tier of parasites against rapacious royalty and nobles – and the stock markets have become a giant online game whereby a new kind of parasite gambles away our common wealth to enrich themselves.

When I post stuff like this on other forums I get a whole slurry of Brown Stain Networkers telling me to grow up but at last I’m free to say it.


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  1. Steven Holmes Says:

    10 points in the I-Spy book of loonies, here, and there’s worse out there but I’m saving them up. You should try one of their blogs: they get all excited if they see the time is 22:22 two days running.

  2. Michael Heaney Says:

    For truly weapons grade easy to believe but hard to take seriously I suggest that its difficult to beat the collective wisdom revealed in these pages:

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